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Payment Rates as High as 9%

There's no win like a win-win, and Sewanee charitable gift annuities are even better; they are a win-win-win.  With a charitable gift annuity you receive payments back to you for life at a fixed payment rate.  No matter what the economy does, your rates will always be steady, reliable and dependable.  They can be as high as 9% and depend on your age.

They become even more attractive when you consider that you also receive an income tax deduction for part of the funding amount, and if you fund it by transferring (never selling) stock, you also receive capital gains benefits.  After a lifetime of payments to you, your gift annuity goes on forever funding a scholarship or project of your choosing at the University of the South.  You do not have to be an alumnus to fund one.  And you can fund one for one or two people so that the payments continue for as long as either lives.  Want another option?  Delay your first payment for a couple years and increase your payment rate!  Call us at (931) 598-1405 to learn what your payment rate and tax benefits would be.  There is never an obligation.  We are happy to serve you.